Rock Newman on The Phil Donahue Show sharing his experiences as a black man who has passed as white. 

Literally just said this the other day

Tell them again, because they act real hard of hearing when we explain this shit.

but they don’t hear u doeee.

*Runs to hypercompressed, decontexualizing dictionary (which only functions as a device to make english more accessible to ppl who are speaking it as a second+ language which is why the dictionary poorly explains a lot of things… A LOT) that tries to explain a sociological issue that has been around for centuries, in 10 words*

God, Please bless my future children

…. Because I am a perpetual project.

If u were blessed enough to have semi functional upbringing,you don’t really realize that your parents or caregivers are fucking flawed ass human beings right off hand.

Their weaknesses and flaws become more apparent as we grow into counterparts with our elders.

I am a mess at 26. I know I’ll be a different pile of mess in 5-10 yrs.

I just hope my babies love me

I was a fucking Lady last night!!


I know better so I’m trying to do better.

I no longer allow men to talk to me in a way that makes ME uncomfortable… I want them to talk to me in a way that makes THEM uncomfortable!
(.. Step ur game up!)

I hate when heirs approach me with there tongue out and then become irrationally angry when I treat them like the dog they approached me as…

I am no bitch. I’m not 21 anymore either…so running up on me with your hands everywhere but in your pocket will also get your feelings hurt.
And we all know that our men’s egos are not as tough as their fists!

It was cute when I was a college girl,but as a working professional and a GROWN ASS WOMAN… I’m offended!!
Especially at the hands of a black man!!

I’m offended that you don’t recognize me as Queen… But then again we don’t quite recognize ourselves as royalty much anymore.

So… In conclusion, someone called me a bitch last night… It’s cool tho… I’m still a fucking Lady!!

-@vivaviously_v -grlslkeMe

26 yrs later. Still finding beauty in my black…solace in my shape.

We’ve had so much deterrence, this skin and I.
It never quite fit standard.
Not for beautiful, not for black woman.
I am inherently supposed to be this voluptuous woman with curves carving out my character.
And because my melanin is more ambitious than most, I am expected to be a splash more beautiful, so that ppl won’t say “…. For a dark skin girl”.

To be honest I haven’t heard complaints of my hereditary thin-ness or opinions on my shade of beauty in quite some time..Maybe I’m
Growing up

Or the conditioning is just wearing off…
Either way:

@vivaciously_v in shoot for FunTimes Mag.